September 28-30, 2016
Sheraton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

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2016 Additive Manufacturing for Defense & Aerospace Agenda

IDGA is proud to announce the return of the Additive Manufacturing for Defense & Aerospace event this September 28-30. This will be an excellent opportunity to take an in-depth look at the new process capabilities that addi ...

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We are expecting a large and experienced turnout at the Additive Manufacturing for Defense & Aerospace Summit. Find out which of your peers will join us on the show floor in Arlington this September.

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Past Attendee Snapshot

The Additive Manufacturing for Defense & Aerospace Summit is where additive industry leaders meet with high-level military officials to share best practices and solutions to common challenges. Take a glance at the caliber of attendees who attended the last Summit, many of whom you’ll meet on the sho ...

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Benefits of Additive Manufacturing Across the Spectrum of Warfare

The advantages of Additive Manufacturing technologies are swiftly becoming evident to the private sector, with growing applications in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and electronics industries. Future predictions gauge the Additive Manufacturing Market will grow to $11 billion, with the materials market following suit to break $1 billion, by 2020. We have...

Meet Mark Skeehan & Chris Spadaccini

To preview the type of knowledge sharing that took place at the Additive Manufacturing for Government Summit, we wanted to share interviews with two of our past speakers. These two speakers, Chris Spadaccini of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and Mark Skeehan of Lockheed Martin brought an engineering perspective to the...

Defense and Aerospace: Manufacturers Making a Difference

The brightest and most advanced additive manufacturing contractors are making breakthroughs in metals, multi-material printing, embedding, parts education, improved qualifications and standards development. Although steadfast companies such as Raytheon have been contracting to agencies for decades, they are not too mature to dip their toes into newer technologies.

(Sample Report) Additive Manufacturing & Material Market - Analysis & Forecast to 2014 - 2020

In this report, the term additive manufacturing is defined as the process of making objects from 3D model data by using additive materials; and it represents all additive processes, technologies, systems, and applications. The term additive manufacturing is also referred to as 3D printing. Keep reading the sample report today.

Intellectual Property Law and Defense Manufacturing

Past speaker William Cass, Partner at Cantor Colburn LLP, discusses additive manufacturing and design patents, the IP Agreement, the Hague System and more in this past presentation.

Logistics Systems Engineering and Additive Manufacturing

Past speaker Charles Miller, Gordon Engineering Fellow at Raytheon, goes into Logistics Life Cycle, “Front-line” fabrication, Logistics – “what if”, and more in this past presentation.

(Sample Report) Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry: A Ten-Year Forecast

In the earliest days of the additive manufacturing industry and long before AM was actually capable of addressing advanced applications, aerospace was identified as one of the primary opportunities for AM. Aerospace is an industry with a wealth of low-volume, complex components operating in an environment where weight is key...

Top Ten Uses of 3D Printing in Defense

At the 3rd Additive Manufacturing for Defense Summit, the brightest minds from industry, defense and academia will be on hand to discuss the latest AM technologies, applications and challenges. We created this additive manufacturing top ten list to highlight the latest industry issues. Download today to find out more.

Additive Perspectives: Neal Orringer Interview

To preview the type of knowledge sharing that will take place at the Additive Manufacturing for Defense & Aerospace Summit, we wanted to share an interview with Neal Orringer who will speak at this year’s event. If the opportunities and challenges that this expert faces are the same as yours,...

Additive Manufacturing Methods, Techniques, Procedures, & Applications

Past speaker James Zunino, Materials Engineer / ARDEC Project Officer at US. Army – ARDEC, delves into AM in the Field Roadmap, unique capabilities via AM, key areas of R&D, and more in this past presentation!

Perspectives on Additive Manufacturing

A panel of experts discuss the AM revolution from three unique perspectives. Contributors include Rob Ivester of the Department of Energy, Dr. John Slotwinski of NIST and Tom Campbell of Virginia Tech.

Additive Manufacturing: Changing the way we build and test aircraft

This insightful presentation by Mark Skeehan, Staff Engineer, Lockheed Martin, discusses the impact of Additive Manufacturing and how Lockheed Martin builds and tests military aircraft

Predictive Modeling of Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes

Brent Stucker, Professor & Edward R. Clark Chair of Computer Aided Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Louisville, shared this presentation during last year's Summit. This in-depth document touches on moving from empirically-driven to simulation-driven Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing for Liquid Rocket Engines

Jeff Haynes of Areojet Rocketdyne provides an overview of the firm's liquid rocket engine production program, the additive manufacturing development timeline and the opportunities for scaling up in this past presentation.

3D Printing Supply Chain Overview

The trends shaping the Additive Manufacturing Supply Chain - Value is in Design, Materials and Machine Commoditization, and more - are shared in this presentation by Jim Joyce of Deloitte.

Industrial Cyber Security in Additive Manufacturing

Michael K. Daly, CTO, Cyber & Special Missions at Raytheon, describes the many ways that Additive Manufacturing is a ripe target for Advanced Persistent Threat. The technology opens the door for theft of intellectual property, the modification of data and the possibility of physcial damage, among other things.

Manufacturing the Future: Tapping the Digital Thread to Advance Warfighter Needs

Neal Orringer of 3D Systems outlines the advantages of fab-grade direct metal printing: 1.) Robust System Design & Construction 2.) Patented Powder Layering System 3.) Imaging System and Software 4.) Hands Off Power Handling.

A New Approach to Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Brent Stucker, Professor at the University of Louisville, shared this presentation during last year's Summit. This in-depth document touches on the need for improved computational design tools in AM, why simulation tools are faster than AM machines and a unique dynamic meshing strategy.